The Tranformational Power of Being A Servant Leader

Take Care of Your Troops and They Will Take Care of You | taught by Carl Sharperson, Jr.
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The vision or purpose of this 3 part series is to demonstrate to you with some practical applications, how you can become a much more powerful and influential leader by serving others. By focusing on Other People’s Needs (OPN), I will get my needs met in the process. If I am clear on what my needs are, and if I can communicate them effectively to others around me, then I will get my needs met over time. You will understand the importance of making sure that your team or troops are taken care of properly and how that translates into better team results and loyalty. Being able to allow others to help you, when they are able to, is a gift. Some strong leaders refuse this help, and it can reduce the leaders effectiveness. You will get a clear picture of how you are spending your time by utilizing a tool to help you to adjust, your current time commitments.

You will be able to answer the following 3 questions and develop techniques on how to develop a strategy and game plan to increase your ability to influence individuals and teams.

1. Are you too good to be served? Why should you let others serve you?

2. How do you develop loyalty with out trying?

3. Who are you serving and how much time are you really serving them?

You will get the maximum benefit from the course by completing the worksheets and answering the thought provoking questions at the end of each part in the series. Take about 15 minutes and do a data dump after listening to the audio for a second time and get your thoughts on paper.

You will increase your productivity by getting more done with less effort in every part of your life and be able to spend your time on what is most important to you in your life by doing a self assessment and behaving differently going forward.

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Carl Sharperson, Jr.
Carl Sharperson, Jr.
Leadership Innovation Strategist

Carl Sharperson Jr. is a Leadership Innovation Strategist, speaker, author, and coach. He specializes in taking leaders from mediocre to maximizing their potential in work and personal life. He is passionate about this message because he understands that most people are working at only 50% capacity due to lack of clear leadership, development or job fit. He transforms his audience and coaching clients through his proprietary Sharp Leadership coaching process as well as drawing from his unique experiences the military, Corporate America and entrepreneurship. For more information about Carl, visit

Carl H. Sharperson, Jr.

Course Curriculum

1. Are you too good to be a served? Why should you allow others to serve you sometime?
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2. How do you develop loyalty in your team without even trying?
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3. Who are you really serving and how much time are you spending serving them?
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